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Thermal Oxidizer

Thermal Oxidizer

Modular Thermal Oxidizer (Afterburner)
General Specifications do not include structural steel, footings or chimney stack.
Unit has minimal usage and has only been used inside.
Current location Anchorage

Capacity:2500 SCFM (Maximum)
Oxidizer Dimensions & Weights
Height - 8’ 11” (w/combustion air blower)
Width - 6’ 4” (w/o system fan)
Length - 16’ 4”
Weight – 8400lb. (w/o system fan)
Electrical Enclosure 30” x 24” x 16” Control Panel
Control Panel: 120VAC/1 phase/60 Hertz, 15 F.L.A.
System Fan: 480 VAC/3 phase/60 Hertz, 11 F.L.A.
Combustion Air Blower: 480 VAC/3 phase/60 Hertz, 5 F.L.A.
Natural Gas
5000 ft3/hr @ 3-3 psig
2NPT connection (shut-off required)
Compressed Air
1/4" NPT (shut-off required)
10 CFM @ 80 psig
Maxon LV-4D, 3.5 lineal ft.
Gas turndown: 25:1
Burner BTU Rating: 5.0 MM/hr (Max.)
3.0 MM/hr (Oper.)
Pilot BTU Rating: 40,000/hr
Safety Controls
Protection Controls “Protectifier” Flame Safe guard
Eclipse low gas pressure switch
Eclipse high gas pressure switch
PC II UV scanner
Watlow 92 high temperature limit switch
EDC 3000 temperature controller
Chart Recorder
FUJI PHC 33, 3 pen fan fold chart recorder

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