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Coilmaster II

Coilmaster II

This machine uses pre-formed PVC coil spiral. The difference between this machine and Sterling Coilmaster III is, this machine doesn’t form coil from filaments. All the other properties are same as Sterling Coil Master III. The coil spirals are placed on the conveyor belt. This belt moves the spiral to the chute for each book to be bound. Coil Master II inserts the coil into the book and crimps the ends.
The size of the dies, on this CoilMaster II, are: .2475" and the bullet size is: 22 mm.

Model: CM-179

Serial Number: 020951

Binding Capacity: Book thickness between 8 mm - 38 mm
PVC Spiral Sizes: Between 10 mm to 45 mm (diameter) {It is advised that the diameter of the spiral is 3-5 mm bigger than the book thickness.}

Output Capacity: 700 books per hour

Binding Spiral Pitch: 6 mm - 5 mm 3:1 and 4:1
Suggested Hole Intervals: 4:1 inch and 3:1 inch
Suggested Hole Size: 4x5 mm oval
Power Usage: 110V / 60Hz

Air Requirement: 8 Bar 200 Lt/min

Safety Certification: CE

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