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Heidelberg Prosetter 74 CTP

Heidelberg Prosetter 74 CTP

Product Category CTP - Computer-To-Plate Platesetter

Manufacturer Heidelberg
Model Prosetter 74
Year 2002

Maximum Image Area max. 645 x 750 mm (25.39 x 29.53 in)

Material Type Violet-sensitive silver halide or photopolymer aluminum plates of 405-410 nm;
yellow light for semi-automatic plate handling

Material Size min. 370 x 323 mm (14.57 x 12.72 in) max. 670 x 750 mm (26.38 x 29.53 in) Plate Thickness: 0.15-0.30 mm (0.006-0.012 in)
Resolution 2,032/2,400/2,540/3,200/3,386 dpi
Laser Type Violet laser diode; 405 nm, 60 mW (can be set to 5 mW for silver halide plates), Laser

Product Class 1
Technology internal drum imaging technology
Repeatability ± 5 µm for four successive imagings, relative to the punch position at 23°C (73.4°F) und 60% relative humidity; ± 25 µm relative to the plate edge
Productivity/Speed Up to 20 plates per hour at 2540 dpi
Automatic Features Semi-automatic

Dimensions 1,730 x 1,385 x 1,560 mm (68.1 x 54.5 x 61.4 in)
Weight 475 kg (1,047 lbs)

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